Zizi Braids Hairstyle That Facilitates Daily Hair Care

Original styling allows women to experiment with different images and define their style. Zizi braids are a practical hairstyle that facilitates daily hair care for women and girls. A bright and fashionable trend, colorful weaving will be able to try on any girl, a new hairstyle will give individuality to the look.

Performed on hair of different lengths, but no shorter than 10 cm strands. Pigtails on hair of different structure are performed, in time they are woven for a long time from 2 to 5 hours. Ready hairstyle lasts about 10 weeks.

Based on long braids, different hairstyles are created: bunches, tails, just loose hair. When weaving zizi braids, you can leave your natural hair tone, braid bangs in a braid or leave it free; it’s up to you to decide.

Even – three-row weaving starts from the roots of the hair and to the tips

Corrugated – pigtails have textured bends that form a lush head of hair

Pony – weaving of braids does not occur until the end of the hair, but ends at the large-curled ends of the strands

Sue – hair is shaped in medium curls and creates a chemical dressing effect

Zizi braids, despite their originality, are suitable for women of different types. The only exception is a business dress code, in other cases; you can safely do your hair with pigtails zizi.

Hairstyle suits girls with different face shapes including chubby, women with wide cheekbones and high forehead. Zizi braids are often used by women with curvaceous forms, since the strands visually stretch, lengthen and slim a figure. Hairstyle is suitable for both fair-skinned girls and dark-skinned young ladies. Age framework for zizi braids does not exist.

Before weaving, it is necessary to follow several recommendations of the stylist: wash your hair, do not use masks and hair balms, as well as all means to fix hairstyles, your hair should not be shorter than 10 cm. It is easy to care for a hair dress; pigtails reduce the frequency of hair washing. Irritation may occur on the scalp, but this can be solved using chlorhexidine or a decoction of chamomile, calendula. Moisten the scalp should be parted or rinsed with a decoction of the grass after washing the hair.

Pigtails should not be exposed to high temperatures, as the pigtail is made of artificial material, and we also say no, a hairdryer, a curling iron and a hair iron. You can wash your hair once every 7-9 days, no more


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