Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

The wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers fit perfectly. They add to the image of the bride’s tenderness, make her romantic and feminine. Although artificial materials have recently gained popularity, natural hair ornaments will never go out of fashion.

What flowers are suitable

For hairstyles can not pick up the first flower. Many of them fade quickly or have a peculiar smell. The most popular flowers that are woven into the hair:

the Rose
lilies of the valley

They do not fade longer, provided they are fresh. If the wedding is celebrated in winter, and the bride is planning a photo session on the street, then lilies and delicate orchids should be abandoned immediately. Rose can withstand some time a negative temperature. And yet, fresh flowers are more suitable for spring and early autumn.

All necessary accessories for a hair dress buy in advance. If the flower is purchased on the eve of the wedding day, then you need to keep it in the refrigerator. At the same time, make sure that fruits are not lying next to them, since ethylene is released from them, which accelerates the wilting process.

Floral salons offer for sale fully processed and prepared for interweaving into the hair buds. But if you want to do it yourself, follow these rules.

Trim the stem with a sharp knife at an angle. Thanks to this treatment, the flower will be able to absorb water better. Leave the length of the stem equal or slightly longer than the length of the bud.Put flowers in water with added sugar or crushed aspirin tablets. You can also purchase a special solution that nourishes the plant and prolongs its freshness.


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