Wedding Guest Hair and Makeup

Braided, playful, perhaps decorated with a few flowers brides today especially want a natural hairstyle at their wedding. Most of her bridal customers prefer a natural boho hippie look light, natural hairstyles, often plaited or decorated with flowers. The brides today deliberately do not want pompous princess hairstyles, which has changed a lot compared to the past.

For the choice of the bridal hairstyle, the length of the hair is not that crucial. As the expert explains, it is also possible with a bob to braid the hair up and up, or sew. The hair color also plays a minor role. Although smaller wicker elements would not be as effective with dark hair as they would with bright ones, this effect is minimal according to the box.

If the bride wants flowers in her hair, she usually brings them with her and discusses the selection beforehand with florist and hairdresser. There are no limits to the imagination. Roses, freesias, gerberas, daisies and many other types of flowers can be processed and keep the whole day.

And if a small mishap with your hair happens at the wedding party, this is usually no problem. With a light hair spray and the hand can bring the hair back in shape.

However, a small hurdle can be mastered in advance. If the bride wears a veil in her hair, the hairdresser should show one of the escorts how to easily remove the fabric from the hair. Mostly, the bride does not wear the veil all evening, thus preventing the hairstyle from being destroyed when removing it.


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