Summer Hairstyles 2019

To get a haircut or not? We can argue that you asked yourself this question at least once and pretended by the mirror what would come of it. With luxurious or not very, but still long hair is extremely difficult to part, because we all know how long and thorny will be the way back if the experiment with a haircut does not work Once a season, we carefully look at fashion shows and choose the brightest, most interesting and memorable trends, and then we tell about them to you.

The hairstyle accessories designed for the summer season are, on the one hand, extremely minimalistic, on the other – non-standard. For example, a hair band can be worn wrapped around the neck. A bezel instead of the usual colors to decorate the pen. It is necessary either to be born with spring hair, or to resort to styling tools In the short haircuts, the tendencies of the 90s dominate: a shaved nape and temples, an elongated ragged bang, arranged in separate strands.

To create a trendy ruffled effect, you will need a mousse or spray for basal volume. A good alternative to them will be dry shampoo.

A couple of seasons ago, ideally ironed, puppet strands gave up their positions, giving way to just out of bed styling and it is clear why: the smoother the hair, the better it reflects the light and shines more brilliantly.


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