Simple Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles for girls in any case, you must choose a simple and reliable, which are done quickly and habitually. Here are examples of such hairstyles.We separate the strands on the sides of the face and, starting from the temples, we twist them into strands. Rotation must be made towards the center.At the crown level, a little lower, we tie the bundles with a double knot. Allow the harnesses to freely dissolve and blend with the rest of the hair. Wiring harnesses before tying need to grab hairpins, so as not to be dismissed before bonding. Then, when the knot is tied and sealed with an elastic band, the barrettes are removed.

The idea is the same, only the hair is taken not only from the temples, but we grab the entire front part. Divide straight or skewed part into 2 parts, and we braid a braid from each. These braids are fastened together, interlacing and wearing elastic. You can gum wrap strand hair – if you have time for it.In the garden is not particularly welcome loose hair, even if they do not climb into the face. Here are hairstyles in which hair is collected in the tail.

Tails can be varied as you like. For example, divide the hair into 4 parts. In the 2 upper tie on the tail and cross. Attach them to the 2 lower parts and also tie on the tail. In short, the principle is clear, you can split up the tails and on. By the way, the hairstyle is pretty reliable, and if you have braids from long tails with long hair, it will turn out quite well.

Here is another reliable hairstyle. In addition, she makes a beautiful shape of the head. It consists of several tails, arranged vertically. It starts from two front strands, each of which is formed in the tail. They come together and strands are placed on both sides of them – we tie the tail. So we go over the head, fixing the next tail with a rubber band, until we collect all the hair. The final tail on the back of the head can be braided, or you can leave it like that.

This hairstyle is more complicated, but only from the habit. If you fill your hand, then make it worthless. We make a side parting, a wide beach from the parting and the temple is twisted into a bundle. We give his child hold. The rest of the hair is collected, taken from the hands of the child harness and attach. We make the lower asymmetric tail, moving it to the opposite side from the tow. Then we drag off the gum and pass the tail inwards and downwards. It’s all.


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