Medium Hairstyles 2019

Those who have medium curls absolutely should not worry about the fact that in the morning will have to face great difficulties in laying. After all, the average length is good because it is something average between a short haircut and long hair.

Today it is possible to look stylish and fashionable every day, regardless of where you’re going, because there are several simple ways to put your hair in order with a hair dryer, ironing or curling.
If you have purchased a classic set of items of hairdressing, then you need only a little bit in order to bring beauty on your head with your own hands.

For more confident and proper use of these tools, see step-by-step photo lessons and videos with a master class on how to do your own hair at home. If you decide to do the house-building with your own hands, start with the use of curlers for large sizes or small ones, depending on what result you expect.

Get used to the fact that you always need to divide your head into at least 4 parts – frontal, two side and occipital. Screw the strands on the curlers and blow dry. Do not remove them immediately, let the head cool, then remove and straighten the curls with your hands.

Use varnish. After comb your fingers all the curls to give a natural and all. No matter how simple this way of laying on medium hair may seem, this option is suitable for an evening out, for a graduation party and even for a wedding. Do not be afraid to use bright details.

Even the most complex asymmetrical haircut on medium hair you can beautifully fit. Before this, be sure to create a basal volume, which can be done in 3 ways.

1 ways – with the help of a thin comb create a small pile and sprinkle with varnish.

2 ways – go through the hair at the roots gafre.

3 ways – a round brush and a hair dryer walk on the root zone of the hair.

So let’s say the creation of basal volume is considered the basis for daily and festive hairstyles. Therefore, you can continue to create with hair absolutely anything you wish.

If you wear bangs, then you will like the idea of light air curls. The easiest and proven way to give a festive look to your hair is to braid a lot of braids in the evening and go to bed. In the morning, dissolve the hair and enjoy the delicate curls.

If your hair is initially wavy and you wear a bang, then all you have to do is wash your hair, dry it slightly and put it in your hands with the help of the foam as you wish. The process of straightening curls at home will take a little longer, but this is how you radically change the image.

Evening hair style always starts with washing your hair. Spraying sprinkle with heat spray. Wait for the hair to dry and heat the instrument to a temperature appropriate to your structure. Again, divide the head into 4 parts and begin to stretch thin strands from the bottom up with an iron from the roots to the tips – making circular motions.

In just 10 minutes you can use the hair dryer to build a simple styling on your head and you will look well-groomed and beautiful. Again, first wash your hair and let it dry. Divide the head into an area and fasten them with clamps.

Start at the bottom, separating strands of such thickness, which is convenient for you to work with. At the roots pick up a round comb and dry with hot air, moving from top to bottom. Repeat this whole process throughout the hair. The ends of the strands can twist inside or wrap up. Use lacquer to your hairstyle retains the proper look until the evening.


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