Light Brown Hairstyles

Of all the hair colors, brown shades are the richest in tones. Chestnut hair color for many years is a hit of spring. This color is natural, but it is not suitable for all women, and not everyone will feel great in chestnut. When choosing a brown tint, you should know that the most important thing is that it fits perfectly with your color type of appearance.

This season will be fashionable almost all shades of chestnut. However, in spring and summer cold colors look better, and all because during sunny days our face, as a rule, looks better in a frame of hair of a cold shade. In winter and autumn, warm shades are more desirable. Brown hair color is undoubtedly versatile. It fits perfectly into the canon of the age-old Russian type of beauty. In addition, due to this hair color, facial features become more expressive, more attractive and much more visible.

In case you are the owner of eyes with a dark iris, choose warmer shades of brown and in case of bright eyes feel free to pay attention to bright, expressive and cold shades. If your natural hair color is brown, dark blond, or so-called mouse instead of brightening it, try one of the many shades of chestnut.

Warm tones with shades of yellow and gold will look especially good on your hair if you have olive or dark skin. Include such nuances, such as caramel, bronze and chestnut. If your complexion is pale, with shades of blue and pink, then you should choose a light brown or dark brown color, without red or gold shades.

Having decided to dye in dark natural hair color, do not forget about the natural frame of the eyes eyebrows and eyelashes. If they are too light, then with a darker hair color, they will disappear altogether, and the facial features will become visually blurred and expressionless. The way out is to tint eyebrows and cilia with a special paint.

Among chestnut shades there are many options to choose from – from golden brown, shades of caramel, cocoa, cappuccino, chestnut, dark blonde or amber, chocolate brown and reddish tones, to brown and dark brown hair. Having decided to change hair color, do not limit yourself to monotonous, uniform color.

If you decide to choose cool shades of auburn, such as dark chocolate or dark brown, you should be aware that all hairdressing and stylistic imperfections will be very noticeable on the hair. Therefore, after coloring, go to the hairdresser, who will make you the right haircut and tell you how to properly style your hair.

Chestnut hair is not so demanding to care, unlike lightened hair, although this does not mean that you can forget about leaving. Each type of hair requires proper care so that they can look healthy and beautiful. In the case of dyed hair, this issue is becoming increasingly important.

Chestnut hair is one of the most fashionable and sought-after staining options this season. We suggest experimenting with haircuts and styling for all owners of short dark hair. Caramel, chocolate shades in combination with chestnut base, very short, graded and cascading haircuts, curls and curls, voluminous styling and much more in our today’s top.



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