How to make your hair look clean without washing it

Oily scalp causes most girls to wash their hair every day. Stylists advise not to waste time and shampoo On this procedure, but to choose appropriate hairstyles.Tail the most simple and obvious hairstyle in order to hide the roots is not the first freshness. And if on the first day to comb strands, then on the second day the whole construction will look neat.

Brushes and any volumes on top are generally ideal for those who want to keep their hair clean longer the roots are lifted above the head, which means they do not become victims of the sebaceous glands so quickly.

High tail with literally licked hair this hairstyle can be exactly repeated with its natural wealth. By the way, instead of the most ordinary gum, you can use just the patch strand, matched to your hair color. Another option – you can use large fabric gum, which again became fashionable.

High beam in general, a logical continuation of the tail. If you add a little negligence to the image, pull out a few strands of hair, it is easy to hide from the others the last date when you used shampoo.

On the second day after shampooing, you can change the direct parting and throw hair on the other side. So, by the way, you will also get into the trend: asymmetrical haircuts are now at the peak of popularity, and so it is easiest to reproduce them, without scissors. Look at the link for other examples of stellar asymmetry.

Let us not hide: this is a rather bold trick, which not everyone dares to apply. Nevertheless, hairstyles with the use of gel or varnish have proved their popularity in the last weeks of fashion. By the way, variations with parting are possible with this style.

With such a disco hairstyle, you can walk for almost a week without washing.For girls who were born with curls, hair is dry and does not require frequent washing: the curl does not allow sebum to quickly pass through the whole strand. So curl the hair from the roots, although it will be longer, but more effective.


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