How to Make Flower Hairstyle Step by Step

New flowers, even the simplest hairstyle can make it very stunning. Flowers give hairstyle tenderness and lightness. For hairstyles usually use bud roses, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley look very nice. But in winter, lilies and orchids are best not to use. These flowers are very delicate, quite a short walk downs the street, and they will lose their appearance. It is safer to use roses, they are more resistant to temperature changes, and do not wilt longer.

As for the color processing. If the flowers are taken in the salon, then they do not need to be soaked in anything by themselves, as a rule, flowers are prepared in the salon by the florist. If flowers are ordered not in the salon, they need to be prepared by you. We cut off the stem with a knife, scissors are not recommended, as they compress the stem, and the water is poorly absorbed after that.

Need to cut at an angle. The length of the stem should not be less than the length of the bud. Next, the cut flower is placed in water, to which a special composition has been added, prolonging the freshness of flowers, such composition is sold in flower shops. If there is no such composition, you can add an aspirin tablet to the water, or sugar or salt.

While the hairstyle is ready, take out flowers from the water, and then, so that they do not linger longer, you can take a cotton wool, soak it with water with a special composition for flowers, or an aspirin solution. Place this wet cotton fleece at the stalks, and wrap the end of the stem with a taped tape, tapent tape is green floral tape, sold in flower shops, a hank costs thirty rubles. Instead of tape tapes, you can use a regular plastic wrap, wind it around the cotton wrap, and wrap it with a silicone rubber band, this is necessary so that the water does not evaporate.

If the flowers are arranged in length, they are attached to the strands using silicone elastics. If the flowers are attached at the roots, again, we put a silicone rubber on the stem. At the roots, in the place where there will be a flower, we do a bouffant, insert a flower into this bouffant, and pin it to the hair, hooking the pins on the rubber band.

It is significant that the flowers harmonize with the hairstyle. If the hairstyle consists of large elements, it is better to decorate it with large flowers. Accordingly, if the hairstyle consists of small elements, flowers should be chosen small. And of course, you should not use too many colors in your hair, otherwise it will not be a haircut, but a flower bed.


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