How to keep hair straight in rain and humidity

The weather is a very unpredictable natural phenomenon. However, this is not easier for us. Under any circumstances, we want to look perfect. The hairstyle is an important detail of the female image, and, unfortunately, it is too susceptible to atmospheric changes. It’s one thing when it happens unexpectedly – then we are powerless. In all other cases, observing certain rules, you can keep your hair even at high humidity.

Do not do thermal styling Consider that in inclement weather it is not worth wasting time and effort straightening hair with the help of an ironing or curling it using a curling iron. All efforts will go down the drain as soon as you go out into the street. In this case, it is best to simply wash your hair and blow-dry your hair using medium temperature conditions. If desired, in the drying process, you can use specialized thermal protective means for laying. This will allow your hair for a longer time to maintain the original appearance.

Use wax for styling. Do not be afraid to use this styling tool. The right substance will only emphasize the beauty of the hair and preserve your styling. When choosing a wax, remember that its consistency should be firm and thick, and upon contact with the fingers, the wax should begin to melt. Before you apply it to the hair, they must be well dried. To avoid the greasy effect, carefully rub the wax over the entire surface of the palm and do not apply it to the hair roots.

Use fixing foam Fixing foam will help you keep hair volume, even in bad weather. Moreover, a lot of work is not required for this. Wash your hair, apply the product to wet hair and dry it well with a hair dryer. One caveat: when drying the roots, select the maximum temperature, and dry the rest of the length with cooler air. When the curls are dry, comb and distribute the strands with your hands.

If there is no business meeting on the agenda that requires a specific dress code, you can not worry about the hair at all. Recently, the so-called “creative mess” has become increasingly popular. Dry your hair in a free state, and then rely on nature, which this mess will create itself. The only thing that is really worth taking care of is the brilliance of your curls.

Remember, nature has no bad weather. In order not to be upset because of the spoiled hairstyle in bad weather, it is just necessary to approach her choice wisely. Find out the forecast for tomorrow and proceed according to circumstances. Informed is forearmed


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