How to Care for a Child’s Hair

Everyone knows that little ones also need hair care. However, it is not recommended to use adult items, after all, both the skin and the scalp during child development are more sensitive.

Because of that in the market there are beauty products for children, which change their formula according to the growth phase. More than that, they have differentiated benefits over products used by adults.

We also need to take into account that in addition to using products suitable for that age, some specific care is also needed. This is because it is at this time that the little ones are more conditioned to present problems like the so feared lice.

  1. Hydration from the age of three

Hydration can and should be done on children’s hair, but from the age of three and always with children’s beauty products. That’s because, since that age, many children start attending preschool.

This causes them to come in contact with a number of external agents such as pollution, ultraviolet rays and others. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the care to ensure the health and beauty of the wires.

However, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to use products for children’s hair without chemical components. The scalp is still too young for this type of substance.

  1. Comb and untangle hair daily, more than once if necessary

Those who have children at home know that the task of combing their hair can be an almost impossible task. After all, the little ones do not stop and constantly complain about the act. However, this task is necessary for a number of reasons.

This prevents the wires from accumulating to generate the famous tangles of hair that will surely make the child uncomfortable. In addition, it is through this process that you can identify possible parasites, such as nits and lice.

Currently, there has been a drop in the proliferation of this type of parasite. However, every child is at risk of catching these terrible little critters. This is because it does not depend only on your care, but on others’ care of the little ones.

To prevent infestation, comb the hair of children daily, preferably more than once a day. This will allow you to identify any signs of the parasite early on, making treatment easier.

  1. Does your child have curly use specific children’s hair products

Children with curly or curly hair need extra care. After all, this type of hair tends to embarrass and dry out more easily.

The idea is to use specific hair products for children. That’s because they contain formulas specially developed to meet the needs of the child’s hair, such as vitamins and additional nutrients.

In addition, these items also help to better define the shape of the hair, for mothers who do not want to wear something that flattens them. All kinds of hair are beautiful, and children will only learn it if their mothers and fathers encourage them to be proud of it.

  1. The cut should be something simple and comfortable for the child

Hair cutting is a subject that causes fear in many parents, but it is also one of the tips for taking care of children’s hair. Cutting the wires from time to time is necessary, since the hair of the small ones grow and develop quickly, being able to generate a capillary irregularity between the root and the tips if it is not with the cut in day.

There is no age X to start cutting children’s hair. The rule is to do this in a quiet and comfortable way. The child cannot be forced to cut the threads, even because they are part of who she is.If you want to cut your son’s hair, start by looking for a salon that specializes in children’s cuts. That’s because, the space will be appropriate, with several elements to make the child comfortable, and the professionals trained. After all they will have to cut the wires of a little energy-filled little thing.

  1. Condition is released

Many mothers and fathers are in doubt about using the conditioner. It is released, but it also needs to be child-specific. Also, when it comes to applying it is necessary to take the same care as adults. Apply only half to the ends. Avoid applying to the root so that the hair does not get oily, looking dirty.

  1. Does the child want to change the look? Use baby hair products

It is very common, especially among girls, those asked to color their hair. Of course you cannot use chemistry in the small. Even this type of dyeing procedure is only recommended after 11 years. But that does not mean that it is not possible to change the look.

There are several products for children’s hair that change the hair color, but, they come out in the first wash. This is a great alternative because the child will have a new look, but, without using anything chemical that affects your scalp.

  1. Always prefer to dry the child’s hair naturally

Always keep in mind that children’s scalp, especially up to 3 years of age, is much more sensitive. Soon, any little thing could assault him, including dryers and plugs. Because of this, it is always recommended to dry the wires naturally. This will prevent high temperatures from weakening the wires or even injuring the scalp, causing burns.




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