How Can I Make My Hair Soft and Silky

On the eve of vacation, each of us goes to the hairdresser to refresh the hair color and correct the shape of the hairstyle. And then the sun and sea water wash away all efforts for two weeks. But do not despair: everything can be fixed! How can I make my hair soft and silky, so that the hair was soft and silky, To eliminate the annoying effects of summer holidays will help the methods of modern cosmetology, in the arsenal of which a large number of healing procedures. But before starting a rehabilitation course, remember that both hair and scalp need special care.

You need to restore the tone of the hair follicles and the hair structure, as well as moisturize over dried skin, preventing dandruff and loss. In this case, professional therapeutic agents are effective: peeling shampoos with deep cleansing, the use of warm wraps and nourishing masks with vitamins and amino acids. First, the head and curls are thoroughly cleaned, and then a mask or serum is applied on them, under polyethylene and a hot towel.

Under the influence of the temperature, the pores expand, the nutrition of the roots improves, and it is more convenient for active trace elements to penetrate the hair follicles. A great effect has the method of combining masks with head massage. It can be hardware or manual. You need to do it with gel from natural extracts of orange, henna, wheat, bamboo and vegetable oil of burdock, rosemary or burdock.

If you want quick results – try keratermia! This is an example of a revolutionary salon express procedure for the fastest hair restoration. This procedure was called plastic surgery for curls by specialists. The hair is transformed after the first procedure, which does not take much time from 40 minutes to 2 hours in different salons.

The main criterion of this procedure is the combination of the method of heat exposure and properly selected cosmetic preparations acting at the cellular level. There is an intense effect of high temperatures on the hair, and they are literally soaked with nutrients: vitamins, nourishing oils, lipids and ceramides. In the end, even the weakest and lifeless strands are given the splendor of luxurious curls. Keratermia is absolutely necessary for those who want to grow hair: it allows you not to get a haircut for a long time.

After the procedure, no special care is required – the master will only recommend shampoo and balm for home use, and in some cases also a mask. The effect lasts a month, sometimes one and a half, and then keratermia can be repeated if the hairdresser deems it necessary. But it often happens that the second session is no longer required – the hair becomes capable of self-healing! After the procedure, they grow faster, and the problem with split ends is completely solved.

The most affordable mask at home – with henna. It fastens the hair scales, making it thicker and stronger. Another popular remedy is sour milk. It returns strands of silkiness and eliminates dandruff. If your hair is too dry, an oil wrap will come to the rescue: rub the warmed burdock oil abundantly into the scalp and spread the hair lengthwise, then wrap your head in polyethylene and a large terry towel dipped in hot water.

Hold the mask for at least an hour. At the end of the procedure, wash your hair with shampoo. You can try this recipe: mix 2 tbsp. spoons of brandy, 1/4 (glasses of water and 2 yolks. Apply to dry hair for 20 minutes and wash off. The mask perfectly stimulates hair growth, so that the hair is soft and silky.

Surely you know that beauty as a whole body as a whole and hair in particular, depends on what we eat. Only external means do not restore weakened curls. Hair needs a constant supply of vitamin B, which contains turkey meat, potatoes, bananas. Magnesium can be obtained from buckwheat and oatmeal, whole-grain bread, beans, bitter chocolate, cocoa, nuts, spinach and parsley.

Another important trace element is zinc. It is found in bran, black bread, seeds, mushrooms, liver, chicken meat, legumes. Essential for hair and selenium. They are rich in corn, garlic and yeast. Hair suffers from a lack of animal proteins: do not exclude eggs, meat and fish from the menu. Eat dairy products, cottage cheese and greens. To skin and hair were elastic and moisturized, every morning on an empty stomach drink 1 tbsp. spoon olive or flaxseed oil.


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