hairstyles that will make you 10 years younger

Women of mature age should make short hairstyles to look younger is wrong. With a hairstyle such as graduated layers, you can choose any length and any color of curls. And you will look just great.

You can look younger if your hair is smooth, shiny and healthy. With age, hair becomes less shiny due to a decrease in the amount of essential oils and nutrients in the body.

To give smoothness and shine, use serums and sprays. Avoid products that make hair tough, dry and thin. For example, hot sun, salty sea water, hot air drying. Do not forget to eat healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins A and C, omega-3 and iron.

If you are looking for a style that will change your look, then soft bangs are a great choice. This type of bang makes your look more fresh and young. You can also split the bangs on the sides to get a perfect face symmetry.

If you have long hair, you can rejuvenate your image with such a simple hairstyle as the top knot. All you need is to pick up hair at the top and tie it loosely in a knot. It will emphasize your cheekbones and eyes.

If you like long hair, but want to try something new, choose an elongated bob. On this hairstyle great waving. The image is light and airy, a bit frivolous.

If you are a confident lady, then a pixie hairstyle will suit you. This haircut is easy to maintain, but it will radically change the image, especially if you have always had long hair. You can ask the stylist to add mixed layers so that pixies don’t look boring.

This style will emphasize the elegance of the facial features and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. It is most suitable for women with narrow faces and big eyes. If you have a full face, you are more suitable pixie with elongated bangs.

A classic hairstyle that does not add years to you is a bob. This is a haircut for women of all ages, because it is very stylish and comfortable. The front strand line runs right under the chin, which emphasizes the cheekbones and chin line.

One way or another, but for any woman whose age is approaching 50 years old, the most important thing is, first of all, self-acceptance, and then everything else. Aging in no way should mean that all the old fun is about to end, and it’s time to put a cross on yourself. In no case. In our souls we are still young. Therefore, a woman with age only needs to change her hairstyle and style.

It is no secret to anyone that over the years, many ladies start to look much more impressive and attractive than their younger opponents. And the styles of several celebrities presented



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