Hairstyles for Girls [10 Years]

Hairstyles will raise the mood of the child and will be a wonderful completion of the image during the daily campaign to the school or sports section, also suitable for any children’s holiday.

Easy hairstyle for girls 10 years old every day

Hairstyle is done on long hair. Hair combed, parted make two small tails on the back of the head and fix them with rubber bands.

Easy hairstyle for girls 10 years bow

Make a pile on each side, starting from half the length of the hair. Buffing done with a comb towards the head. Form the “ears” of the bow and temporarily fix them with small clips. Minor errors should be corrected with a comb. Preliminary result carefully varnishes.

Using silicone rubber, fasten each eyelet bow. From the tails left after the formation of the bow, we select a common strand, lightly comb it, varnish it and throw it over the bow as a web. In front we fix the jumper stealth and varnish. Two strands behind you can be screwed onto a curling iron or straightened with an iron.

Bows of hair on braids. Hairstyles for girls 10 years

Children’s hairstyle with bows of hair is made easy, but it is quite suitable for a regular school day, and for a festive outing. Using the tip of the comb, we divide the hair so that the parting is right in the middle of the head. Separate the hair strand parallel to the center on either side of the parting. Strand twisted into a flagellum and pinned with a clip.

From the same side we proceed to weaving the French braid. In the place where the strands are connected, the hair should be held with the thumb and forefinger, and then the braid will be tight and level.

In order for the braid not to be twisted, one should maintain the direction during the weaving and adjust the tension of the picked up hair. The braid should be braided to the end and fastened at the initial stage with the help of a clip.

At the next stage, we unfasten the pre-assembled strand and comb it well. This strand is necessary to weave bows. Prepare a large stud and slightly bend it in the middle.

Such a tool is convenient to attract strands. The strand, which goes along the parting, is divided into small sections, each of which, by means of a stud, will be pulled into the links of the French braid to form a bow.

The bow is formed as follows: a bent stud ear stud in the direction of the parting is inserted into the spit link. The separated strand is folded twice, passed through the eyelet of the stud, and pulled through the link of the braid.

When weaving is done before the neck, the last “tail” is neatly woven into the braid that runs from the neck to the ends of the hair. To do this, remove the clamp and gently spread this area, holding the hair at the base of the head.

A pigtail will be made with one-sided pickup. Weaving begins from the top of the head and moves in a spiral. The remaining hair that does not enter the spiral braid, we will use for the second stage of weaving.

Using the tip of the comb.Parting is performed from the temporal lobe towards the back of the head. A spit will be formed from this volume. To keep our flower longer, hair can be slightly waxed for styling.


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