Hair Color Autumn Winter 2018-2019

Every woman wants to change her appearance from time to time. To do this, it is not necessary to update the wardrobe, buy new accessories or shoes, and just change the hair color. The number of options and styles in the field of coloring is growing from year to year in the hairdressing market. Before you change the image, you need to know everything about fashion trends in the field of hair dyeing season autumn-winter 2018-2019.

Natural and natural shades in fashion are not the first season. A harmonious image combining skin, eye and hair colors will be topical in the upcoming fashion season. Whatever hair color is in fashion, when choosing, they make a start from individual features of appearance. Before you choose a shade, determine your color type and your own preferences, and then choose the style of coloring among the variety of fashionable options.

Stylists in the new season to choose the most natural and shades of hair that match the natural tones of skin and eyes. Fashionable hair color in the autumn of 2018 and in winter of 2019 provides the entire palette of a natural range: The scope for experimentation among fashionable hair shades of the autumn and winter season 2018-2019 allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers. The fashion trends of the next season will emphasize the individuality of any woman: both those who fear sharp changes in appearance and those who are ready for dramatic changes.

From the requirements for hair depends on the choice of method of dyeing. To look attractive on festive Cosmetics for such a solemn occasion should be bright and sparkling in order to give the face a shining effect, especially since the modern cosmetic trends.

Trends New Year’s Makeup One of the main trends of makeup  is the emphasis on the eyes. Among the trends of New Year’s makeup 2019 can be identified shadows with sparkles dense crumbly options are used, holographic shine is especially effective. gold lipstick – to give a shine, after applying lipstick, add a little golden shine to the middle of the lips and shad the most important thing – makeup should be persistent.

Bright brown shades are suitable for brown eyes gold and silver, turquoise, aquamarine, malachite, as well as gray-black. Suitable for black-eyed beauties and bright, eye-catching eyeliner. Lipstick should not compete with eye makeup; just emphasize lips with light gloss.

Veil is not just a head decoration; it is also an excellent appearance corrector. If it is right to pick it up and combine with a hairstyle, then it is possible to highlight the beautiful and to hide the existing shortcomings of the figure and face.

If your strands reach the shoulders or fall below no more than 3 fingers, then you are the owner of medium hair length. Any hairstyle for hair of such length will be convenient to perform and neat in appearance.



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