Fashionable Colors of The Upcoming 2019

Fashion trends To begin with, we will adopt the most current trends of the upcoming season. The favorite colors are ashes, platinum and even gray, along with natural light brown shades, sweet caramel and coffee and chocolate chestnut tones, sunny pink and mother of pearl blond, unusually rich and rich red-brown and copper-strawberry shades. And for dessert – all the colors of the rainbow together and separately. No kidding.

The most popular equipment: shatush, obmre, sombre, balayazh, bebilayts and graduation – in general, everything that helps create contrasting or smooth play of shades and the game of sun glare on the strands.

Colored tendencies for natural and newly-converted brown-haired women Cold chestnut, chocolate, mocha, coffee, you can clean and rich, you can also with caramel, and if you like – with milk. This season will be rich in all sorts of shades and their mixing – from classic tones to newfangled hits.

From noble gray hair and ashes to the most natural milky and honey-brown shades – a wide palette of fashionable colors of the upcoming 2019 – stylists have not been stingy with all sorts of shades for all those who prefer to be blonde. A special highlight – pearl blonde, so cute and gentle, he just made to turn you into a fairy.

Sunny golden, deep strawberry-copper, fiery-orange and more muted natural red shades, which are forever rooted in fashion, like one of the four main elements of nature. Ombre looks amazing, imitating saturated sunset colors.


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