Cute Easy Romantic Hairstyles

Gradually, new hairstyles are coming into fashion with a side parting. This parting took place on the head of the woman from ear to ear. The hair on the front of the head was also divided by a straight or side parting, but perpendicular to the first one and curled into curls.

Curls lowered to the forehead and cheeks. Behind them, long strands of hair were lifted up, combed, braided, or laid on the crown of the head into complex structures in the form of a tall bow of hair.

The crests were made of rolled horns, tortoiseshell, and non-ferrous metals, decorated with precious stones. With this hairstyle, the hat of the hat shifted to the back of the head. Brown hair was considered preferred. In the 30s the hairstyle has spread with two oblique partitions and long curls coming down from both sides of the face. Behind did a small bunch.

Hairstyles in the 40s for fine hair. Differed depending on the dress being worn and the occasion. With closed daytime dresses wore hair with English short curls on the sides of the face. With a low-cut dress they wore long curls and a bunch of braids from behind on the back of the head.

Hairstyles with curls worn mostly blondes and brown-haired, while brunettes preferred smooth hairstyles with parting. Smoothly combed hair descended from the temples to the cheeks with two semicircles, and on the back of the head were laid in a bun. With this hairstyle wore tattoos of velvet ribbons or flowers.

Sometimes it happens that there is a romantic mood, inspired by love and insane tenderness. At such moments, every girl wants everything around to be filled with love. Romantic melodies are played in headphones, a cozy sweatshirt is on the body, and pink manicure decorates delicate shades of nails.


  • Technique to create a romantic hairstyle  

Use a large comb or brush to brush all hair. Parting in the middle of the parietal zone. Separate the temporal sections with two angled partings on both sides. Then we fix them with clamps. Separate the temporal sections we divide all the remaining hair into large strands and alternately wrap each of them on a curling.

Fix the bandage the occipital zone is divided into strands of medium width. We work with each of them in turn. At first we wind it on fingers.

Then several times around its own axis. And we fasten the invisible to the bandage. We put curls in the same way we place the side zones, pulling them back to the base of the hairstyle. We remove clips from the temporal sections selected earlier. We will also wind them up on the curler.

We will create new curls. Then we will neatly comb the new curls. We will lay them in beautiful waves on the sides, attaching the tips to the base of the romantic hairstyle and fixing them in the same way. Spray the finished styling in the style of Snow White with varnish and, if desired, decorate with a decorative bow on top.


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