Curly Hair: Tips To Make Your Curls Last Longer

Every girl wants at the end of the evening her hair looks like she’s just come out of the hair salon. Every time we spend so much time getting ready, and often just after the first few hours, and our hair does not look like anything.


This is especially true for those of us who have straight or too soft and fluffy hair and spend in the mirror for at least an hour with the press or the press. The fact that we damage our hair is one thing, but at least it made sense. It is so that we have not yet crossed the door and the magic of the curls has broken.


The freshly washed hair is usually fluffy and soft, and it is more difficult to handle different procedures this also applies to dyeing. Natural oils that produce the skin make hair easier to model. So if you plan to wind your hair, do not wash it a day or two before. If you feel your scalp is too greasy, “pour in” the roots with some dry shampoo and leave the whole hair washed for the next day.


Treating hair with a balm or mask after washing has the property of making hair heavier and pulling it down, making it difficult to stylize. So if you are going to make curls, stick to a lighter balm or just put a little at the end of your hair so the edges are not tangled. Let the deep hydration and nourishment be after the coupon.


Many of us make the mistake of relying only on styling products after waving, but do not use anything before. So, before grabbing the mask, start with a light styling lotion to give the right hair texture. Do not forget the thermal protection products in order not to burn the hair.


Once you’ve finished wrapping all your hair, complete the procedure by spraying curls with a fixative hairspray. It does not have to be too much or too strong because the hair will begin to stick and it will look greasy.


Having the right tools – that’s the difference. Before you start, make sure you have a proper diameter baler. For hair that does not last long, a size of about 1.9-2 cm is recommended. Strong curls should be obtained, but not too thin, which will loosen slightly for a few hours. If your hair keeps you better, you’ll get marvelous beach curls with a 2.5 cm diameter on the table.


If the hair just does not want to be rolled up and relaxed right away, it might be good to invest in a professional mask. Many women say that with the professional appliance their hair really keeps the beautiful curls.


If you have any doubts that the curl will last, we recommend the following: after winding the strand and releasing it from the ball, attach the masseur to the head. When finished with all the hair, spray with a varnish. Then remove the pins and allow the hair with your fingers.








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