Quick Hairstyles for School

The secret is that the cl plate is covered with ordinary nail polish, and under the nail, on the inside, a crystal is glued. True, not everyone can afford such nail art: to glue the rhinestones, you need a certain length of the nail. Keep this in mind when you go to the salon. Years pass, eras change, but the desire of a woman to be beautiful remains unchanged.

Years pss, eras change, but the desire of a woman to be beautiful remains unchanged. And, various procedures help her in this. The oldest cosmetic procedure, thanks to which the woman became well-groomed, was a manicure. The first mention of the manicure appeared in Egypt.

There are many types and designs of manicure. Regardless of the fact that you choose the main thing, that your master should be a professional in his field and know what he is doing. Then, he will find an approach to each client. If you want to become a good, sought after manicurist. Or maybe you have the desire to do yourself

It i not necessary to do a manicure in the salon, although this procedure is very pleasant, what can we say. But having mastered a simple jacket, moon manicure and design with sliders, you will significantly save your budget.  Manicure has a lot of advantages. Due to its appearance – body-pink nails with white tips – it is considered one of the most versatile and fits perfectly to any image.

This spring is relevant not only the classic version of such a manicure, but also all sorts of variations. Stylists at the fashion shows spring-summer 2019.Offered a color jacket with nail polishes in soft pastel, bright and metallic shades.

The shape of the smile line, by the way, is also far from the classical one this spring: it is blurred or has a graphic shape.Classic shades of  can be replaced with bright contrasting or combine pastel shades with neon. This season you have every right to experiment with a jacket!


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