21 Little Tricks For Girls

1) Short legs visually lengthen beige shoes and short skirt.

2) Hip fullness will be hidden by trousers or straight cut jeans.

3) If you have a slim waist, but wide hips, then flared jeans and a belt at the waist are ideal for you.

4) Small drawings visually reduce, large ones on the contrary increase.

5) Maxi dresses and skirts make you visually lower.

6) Shapeless clothing disfigures any shape.

7) Shoes with a thin heel or stiletto with a round nose make the leg visually smaller.

8) Pointed shoes make the leg visually bigger.

9) Black tights (no more than 50 den) will make your legs a couple of kg slimmer and a couple of centimeters longer, and, coupled with black shoes (or dark colors), will make you legs from the ears.

10) Light tights on the contrary make the legs fuller and shorter. But! With beige shoes longer.

12) A transparent blouse makes your top open to others and shows your strengths and weaknesses.

14) If you do not know how to combine things correctly, then follow the classical canons of fashion and style.

15) The rule of three colors: do not use more than three components in your image, otherwise risk to seem ridiculous

16) Hair should be combined with all the components of your wardrobe

17) Do not spray perfume on clothes, except if you use. some spirits. The smell may persist for a month.

18) V-shaped cuts, round cuts for girls with an oval face will go to round-faced girls.

19) Avoid being obsessed with something, or risk being the owner of a wardrobe with only black things or things of the same style, for example.

20) Treads shorten the legs.

21) Sheath dress equally goes for thin girls and with curvaceous shapes. But girls with thin waists and feminine hips will look better.

21) Experiment, love yourself, but do not forget about others, many people are envious and malevolent, do not let them notice your mistakes in the wardrobe.



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