Simple Hairstyles for Everyday for Girls (New Step-by-Step)

What should be hairstyles for girls to school? Comfortable, fast and, of course, beautiful.Most likely, at an accelerated pace. Therefore, in a personal piggy bank must necessarily have a few ideas to quickly create hair Classic knots on hair To make this light hairstyle you will need a hair tie, a comb and 2 minutes of free time.

Creating hairstyles with classic knots: Hair combed and divided into 2 equal parts. From the strands tied classic knot, then the second, third. You can do as long as the length allows. The end is fixed with an elastic band. You can use inconspicuous silicone or elegant and bright.

No less interesting is the version with a silk ribbon, which is similarly tied with knots together with strands.Convenient and quick buns Bundle – a classic and very fast hairstyle. To make it, you need a rubber band and a pair of studs. Hair going to the tail, twisted with a tourniquet and that’s it.

You cannot remember them throughout the school day Bundle – snag or bundle with a bagel. This hairstyle is a real salvation if the hair is not long or thick enough.

To create the beam, you need a special foam ring (donut). There are devices for rare hair, they are already covered with artificial hair on top, and you just need to choose the right color.

To give volume, you can comb strands at the roots. Put on a gum bagel. Distribute evenly the hair on the bagel and fix the top with a rubber band. The ends can be braided or braided and wrapped around the bundle.

Fix the hairpin or stealth. Swirling bun and master class of homemade bagel No bagel? No problem! It can easily be made from ordinary sock. It is only necessary to trim the end and twist into a roll as in the photo. It is better to use a sock to match the hair.

How to make a twisted beam: Similarly, a high tail is made. Hair pushed into a bagel, but not to the end. Strands are distributed around and wound on a bagel, then it gently turns from the inside out, the hair is wound in a roll.

It is important when performing such a bundle to make sure that the hairs do not get out of the total mass and do not spoil the general appearance of the hairstyle.A simplified version of the Greek hairstyle This hairstyle stands out from the crowd and it seems that it is done only by a professional hairdresser.Great for hair just below the shoulders.

The stages of weaving a braid from three braids: At the crown, the hair is divided into 2 parts, and from each a braid is woven with hooks in French. If the bang is long, then it can also be used. After 3-4 covers, a regular braid of three strands is made.

The end is fixed with an elastic band. Similarly, weaving a second braid. Medium pigtail braided from the bottom of the hair. It starts with side pickups, ends with classic weaving. The upper thin braids are threaded into the middle links. An unusual weave is formed.

The hairstyle is suitable for every day, but if it is supplemented with flowers, then you get a festive option. Spit-heart A wonderful option for those who have the skills of French weaving. The hair of braids is made in the shape of a heart, at the bottom is going to a braid. It will be difficult for yourself to make a heart-shaped braid, as the symmetrical arrangement of the halves is necessary.


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