Short nail design 2019

Elegant manicure on short nails is the hit of the 2018-2019 seasons. Well-groomed, neat hands with a stylish nail design look beautiful and impressive. In addition, not a great length of nails is very practical, as the manicure retains its presentable look much longer, even if the nail plate of the girl is not too dense.

The idea of ​​the season 2018-2019 is femininity and tenderness. Embodiments on the nails of the most diverse. The main nuance is the length of the nail plate. All are also relevant short nails, but unlike previous seasons, it is permissible for the edge to protrude by about 5 mm.

Giving shape to the nails, it is necessary to give preference to graceful, smooth lines. Plates should be with an oval or almond-shaped shape. Textile design is considered to be new in the design of the manicure. On the nails can imitate any fabric or skin.

Coverage can look like denim, velvet, knitwear. Complement the design will help the relevant details. Manicure with metallic or textured acrylic 3D patterns consisting of spangles or granulated sugar is recognized to be no less trendy.

The design of short nails 2019 embodies another new product, which will soon become a real trend. It is called the negative space. In this technique, part of the nail is not painted over.

There are no restrictions in the choice of nail-picture is not. The only thing you need to remember is that the design should correspond to the season, the general style and the event. Designers advise fashionistas to pay attention to floral patterns, lace patterns, fruits, marine motifs and graphics.


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