Popular Haircuts For Men’s

There is a great variety of trim types. Over the past, their range has been significantly expanded. Due to personal preferences, some become faded and unfashionable that have emerged are in demand. Young people are often in the form of a hedgehog, boxing, semi-box and resembling them.

Types of simple hairstyles  

The haircut of the half-box is a gentle descent from the strands in the parietal zone (5-8 cm) to the hair shorter on the head section. In the hairstyle there should be a slight cantik at the crown and a pronounced piping at the edges. It is necessary, for a start, to put an edging near the ear zone then go to the back of the head. It is important to remove the fluff in the lower part of the head and bring the outline of the contour to the required type.

For trimming the nape area, be sure to use scissors, designed specifically for hair filing, and comb hair off to achieve the mentioned length recommendations. At the height of the temples, cut one after another the strands by the method of vertical parting, observing an angle of 30-45 °, at the bottom of the section of the temples will serve as a guideline during trimming.

It is necessary to cut the elevated occipital zone, making manipulations, from the temples to the back of the head. Choose strands by horizontal parting and trim the bottom of the palm of your hand. Then check the identical vertical parting, cut the defects, creating a similarity of teeth.

Hairstyle boxing looks much more radical than a half box. They differ by a short height of cut, a feature of hair cutting, which is higher and extends to the entire area of ​​the crown. Such male simple hairstyles create the same ways. The main thing is to wash your hair and comb, so the hairstyles they choose are not too complicated. But the master chooses a male hairstyle, based on the features of the oval of the head, the individual appearance of the face, such as hairline and structure.

Types of men’s hairstyles:




The hairstyle is chosen, as a rule, in youth and it remains for the whole life, with small variations: a little shorter, a little longer, depending on the fashion. There are many types of male haircuts in all styles, and a man often does not clog his memory with their names.

Classic views

The classics are always in fashion, it has been reconciled over the years, it has a geometric completeness of lines, because it is cut off strand by strand of the same length, but if the client has thick hair, it is better to cut the machine.

One rule – before cutting hair, you need to wash and cut wet.

The classic names of haircuts for men – “Hedgehog”, “Boxing” and “Poluboks”. Athletes and the military prefer the “Hedgehog”, since this hairstyle is very beneficial; the hair length is about 5 cm, and even shorter behind.

Sports haircuts

Sports look hairstyles men prefer the military and athletes. In the circle of the entire head, a small amount of hair is left, and only at the top of the head the volume is somewhat larger. Such a shortened army man’s hairstyle is quite simple and looks great with military, sportswear and a tuxedo. Tellingly, she goes strong sex at any age.

Haircuts “Tennis”, “Double Caret” and others also belong to the sporting hairstyle.

Haircut “Tennis” has several subspecies: “Bobrik”, “Hedgehog”, “and Youth Tennis”.

Haircuts in the style of military  

With the style of  military  laying done on medium and short length. Multistage look looks a bit careless, but elegant. Young guys and mature uncles look great with this male hairstyle, she emphasizes their strong character traits.

The “Grunge” style is somewhat rebellious and the head of hair has a disheveled look, while the whiskey is shaved, the bangs are beveled, some coloring is present, and styling is used for styling. Shears on medium and often on long strands in the form of punk rock and classic rock. Haircuts “Rockabilly”, “Elvis”, asymmetrical “Bob” are also cut in the style of “Grunge.”

Asymmetric styling is performed with a razor to create the volume of hair in the parietal region, as if under the strands of hair. Fits any hair structure except thin. Very fashionable for men now haircut “Tom Boy.” She is short on the back of her head, but with a long bang on either side, she looks stylish and elegant.


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