Olive Oil Hair Treatment Benefits

Oliva is a real pantry of vitamins and minerals. For centuries, olive oil hair masks have faithfully served the beautiful half of the planet, giving them beauty from root to tip. Oliva has earned the title of  liquid gold.It contains beneficial vitamins: A, B and E; minerals, antioxidants; fatty acid. The natural balance of the beneficial properties of this wonderful product is widely used in human nutrition, cosmetology and medicine.

The dream of every girl is to have shiny, healthy, well-groomed curls. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of them. This is due to the environment, many negative factors and heredity. Ripe olive contains: proteins; lecithin. She is able to repair and care for damaged hair. Its use guarantees fantastic results! The use of 1 tablespoon per day of  liquid gold will have a beneficial effect on the structure of hair, stimulates the growth of curl and strengthen the bulbs. Useful masks on the basis of olive and warm wraps.

How often you can use Use olive gold for curls and curls need to competently and wisely. It is not necessary to do wrap every day and conduct experiments with masks on your own. One two times a week will be quite enough.

How to apply and wash The application of fertile olive on the hair requires compliance with the rules: Applying oil on dark hair Heat the oil in a water bath; Spread in the palms and dividing the hair into strands process each separately apply to the roots and lightly massage them.

Cover your head with a plastic cap and wrap with a woolen cloth.The exposure time depends on the chosen recipe and ranges from 30 minutes to 8 hours.It is useful to carry out such a procedure in the bath or sauna. Many women talk about the difficulties of flushing oil formulations. In fact, nothing complicated. Mustard washes them well off  2 tablespoons per 1 cup of water.

The use of olive oil the easiest way to carry out olive procedures in its pure form: it perfectly restores the structure of the curl along the entire length; nourishes the scalp with vitamins. Follow the application rules and time of exposure. Remember that it takes time to achieve the desired result.

All of them have beneficial properties, rich in vitamins and minerals. On their basis, created the best therapeutic and cosmetic hair care products. To add a magic aroma to oil procedures, add mandarin, lemon, bergamot, lavender oil to the composition of the oil. And then besides the benefits for the hair you will be provided with a real advert.

Normal hair is characterized by a satisfactory condition. Using olive oil as an additional stimulant can bring them to a higher level. 20-30 gr miracle oil in any form. For oily hair Photo oil, olives and girls 30-50 ml. olive oil; two yolks; lemon juice 1.st.l. Lemon juice can be replaced with alcohol products (vodka or brandy, 2 tbsp.). Beat yolks and mix with warm oil. Then add lemon. Rub into the roots.

Wrap your head. The exposure time is 1.5-2 hours. For dry hair Mix in equal proportions olive and castor oil. Add honey 1 tbsp. and 1 ripe banana. The resulting mass is applied in a warm form. Cover your head with a woolen scarf.

Hold for at least 1 hour for split ends Hen’s colorless 1 packet; milk; olive oil 2 tbsp. spoons. Henna dissolves warm milk to the consistency of thick cream. Add butter. mix. Spread over the entire length. After 40-50 minutes rinse with warm water.

For cosmetic procedures, you need to choose high-quality oil Extra Virgin cold pressed. 100% natural product guarantees excellent quality of fruits used in processing. The cost of this oil is several times higher than sunflower or corn oil. However, this should not scare. Created from fruits harvested by hand from old olive trees, it is a unique product, revered throughout the world. The best olive oils are made in Greece and Italy.


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