New Short Hair Styles and Haircuts 2019

Women’s haircuts are now represented in a huge variety. If you you have short hair, you have at least a wide choice of all sorts of hairstyles and hair styling than those of the fair-haired women. Women who love the sporty style of clothing and appearance. Such short hairstyles for fair-haired women as well as blondes with a light ash shade of hair are particularly well suited.

The harder and harder the hair, the better. If the hair has its own natural waviness, this will only double the effect, the wave will become much more stable. What is important with short haircut? To get the hair from the parting to reach the middle of the ears, and on the back of the head – to the level of the chin. At this point, they are cut off by the master-hairdresser in steps, which gives a special grace to the shape of the head.


Lightly apply the varnish on the hair, dry them on the hair dryer with a thick circular brush. Then, on the back of your head, you need to whip the hair, raise the hair at the roots above the forehead, and push the wave of the bang onto your face and forehead.Bangs falls on the forehead from the very top. This technique makes the whole hairstyle visually more magnificent. Boca stepped to the upper edge of the ears in a stepped manner, temples and cisterns slightly effuse, which gives them volume. The length of the hair at the top should be about 7 centimeters. The occipital part of the hair is cut short and in steps.

Who will face to cut short hair Stepped bob sports women who love naturalness and naturalness, as well as ease of hair styling. Thin hair and strong hair with a deep bulk back part. The crown hairs are cut with a distinct edge. On the sides, it is somewhat shorter for this; the hairdresser pulls the hair away from the head. With this technique of cutting, the hair seems to be more magnificent the occipital part is cut off at the level of the chin and on a narrow strip above the neck it steeply descends to no.

First moisten the hair with a foam fixer, and then dry it with a hair dryer on a circular brush. While the hair is dried with a hair dryer, the hair at the roots should be whipped against growth. Young ladies, fashionable women who sometimes want to put on a retro look. The asymmetrical shape of the hair will be good for those who need to cover the fullness of the cheekbones and cheeks or blemishes on the skin of the face.

From deep oblique parting, the hair on the short side should reach the ear lobe, and on the long side of this asymmetrical hairstyle, they fall magnificently down to the chin. At the ends of the hair cut off by a light step. The bang here is offered oblique, and the head is clipped quite steeply.

To decide on short hair, you need courage, a tendency to experiment and a certain state of mind. And it’s not just about fear: what if it doesn’t work, or hair will grow for a very long time, or styling will require more time and effort. The problem is rather psychological – many girls live with the conviction that only long hair can inspire and excite a man and only they are the key to true femininity.

The choice of a short hairstyle can drastically change the whole look and appearance, completely change the facial expression, and add even shine eyes. A few strands of hair with short hair can change a lifetime. Refresh your image and see how your life changes.

 Hairstyles for short hair do it yourself

If you are going to an event where you have fun, make a festive hairstyle. There are many options for holiday hairstyles with short hair. The simplest and most original hairstyle with short hair is wavy hair. Straighten hair with a flat iron or make small waves; this will give your hair more romance. In order to achieve a festive effect, fasten them with massive hairpins that match the style of your outfit, rhinestones, shimmering glass beads or vibrant colors.

To add shine to hair, use a special oil or spray fix the resulting hair with a strong hold lacquer. You can see for yourself that hairstyles for short hair are easy and simple to make.

Hair accessories for short hair

In winter, use decorated hair accessories in the form of snow-covered fir and pine branches, bullfinches, snowmen and snowflakes. In the summer, decorations from natural flowers, dragonflies and butterflies will look good. Any ordinary short female haircut can be made original by adding a beautiful hairpin to the hair. Open your face, pull back and stab one strand on your side. Make a fashionable short hairstyle in the style of Carmen with a flower; complement your image with bright lipstick. Make your hair more romantic, transforming your short hair into wavy curls.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair with headbands

Another original way to make an interesting hairstyle with short hair is to decorate your hair with a rim. I must say that one of the most fashionable hairstyles is short. At the same time they are simple in daily installation, and they can easily be made original.

They require a minimum of attention, with short hairstyles, hair is always well-groomed and with a healthy appearance. For styling hairstyles for short hair, you only need a round brush and a hairdryer. To decorate hair, you need any accessory. Or just make wavy curls or slightly curled hair.


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