Men’s hairstyle

Why do more and more men choose hairstyles with shaved temples? Is it really just a tribute to fashion, or is there really something in this hairstyle? Let’s figure it out.

How hairstyle with shaved temples changes face? In most cases, for the better. There are not so many ways for men to adjust the shape and features of women, and not all of them have got “ideal”. But in this matter can perfectly help a properly chosen hairstyle.

Shaved temples do not paint only too thin and elongated faces, as in this case the not quite perfect face shape is enhanced. You need to strive for harmony, so men with too long faces should go around this hairstyle and choose a more optimal one.

Who still does not fit hairstyles with shaved temples? Those who are not allowed any liberties at work. Such a hairstyle in a strict business setting may not be in your favor. Alas, you may be treated with less confidence, and this, you will agree, is not at all what is needed.

It is better to abandon this hairstyle, for example, if you have such features of appearance: bulging ears, large forehead or nose, small facial features. Hairstyle will be too drawn to the special features of the appearance of attention, against which the dignity may be lost.

Owners of round, square, rectangular face shapes, this hairstyle will be very useful. It visually lengthens the face, and also helps soften some angularity of the square and rectangular face types.


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