How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning?

If you do not stop the decrease in hair volume in a timely manner, the process will become irreversible. In order to prevent hair loss and return the previous volume, you need to deal with the causes.

Hair loss can upset even the most cheerful person, if the loss of volume is noticeable to the naked eye, then the problem must be solved immediately. In order to return the hair to the previous volume, you need to determine the cause of their loss and take appropriate measures.

Physical and emotional injuries worsen the condition of hair; their loss can begin after a car accident, surgery, a painful break in relations, loss of a loved one. Psychological and physical stress causes hair loss; they are similar to an indicator indicating the condition of a person.

After a trauma or shock, the body does not have enough resources, you need to help it recover, and then the hair will not fall out. To recover you need to eat well, eat foods rich in protein and whole grains, vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals from food and supplements. Recovery will not be fast, but after a few months the body will return to its former state.

Hair bleaching, waving or straightening with hot devices are the most obvious causes of hair deterioration. The reasons may not be as obvious, for example, thinning hair can be caused by the innocuous habit of winding curls around your finger during stress or thinking. Hair breakage can even be caused by hair, if it involves too much tension and refraction of the hair. The less unnatural exposure, the better for the hair. This does not mean that it is necessary to abandon staining and styling, it is necessary to make all procedures more gentle and gentle.

Hair is very sensitive to changes in the hormonal background, so during pregnancy, diseases of the thyroid gland and genital glands often occurs abundant hair loss. Hormonal changes affect not only the hair, but also the condition of the skin, as well as general well-being and body weight. If there are signs of hormonal imbalance, you must immediately undergo a medical examination. Hair loss is only an outward sign, the main problem lies within the body. With the stabilization of the hormonal background, the volume of hair begins to recover.

Hair loss among older relatives suggests that their children and grandchildren are also at risk. In the presence of hereditary diseases associated with hair most often, in such situations, combination therapy is prescribed in the form of topical agents and oral supplements. Several decades ago, some diseases were considered serious and caused irreversible hair loss, at the moment many of them are treatable, hair loss stops successfully.


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