How to Get a Haircut for Curly Hair

Every woman at least once, but got on such a hairdresser, who, though she cut it, but, to put it mildly, did not please the result. And what can we say about the .Those who have curly hair, for which very short haircuts should be selected with special care.In the opposite case, all the strands will stick out in different directions and you will have to use tons of lacquer and gel every day to put them in order.But the daily use of such cosmetics no benefit curls do not carry.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the features of their appearance, starting with the shape of the face, and ending with the structure of the hairs.But short hair does not mean disorderly attitude towards them.Sometimes these hairstyles require more effort on styling, rather than if there was a long head of hair. Therefore, visiting a barbershop, you should have several options in mind, and already the master will help you choose the most optimal one.

Selection of hairstyles – a very crucial moment. Perhaps the owner of straight curls is not as difficult as those girls who have curls. Here the structure itself is even different, therefore, to choose a female short haircut for curly hair, you need to be more careful.Choosing short models of haircuts for curly hair, you need to remember.

Oval. It is believed that such a person is perfect, since almost any variations of hairstyles are suitable for him.

Round. It would be good to focus on asymmetric bangs. If you want to slightly stretch your face, then the bang should be made longer. The best option would be bob volume at the back of the head and top of the head.

Triangular. Here the hairstyle should be chosen very carefully, as this form is a little rough. Therefore, in order to smooth out” it, it is better to dwell on square or bob.

Long and narrow. To visually give a pleasant shape to such a person, you should choose those options that come with straight bangs, as long as they are thick. The lower it is, the rounded the shape will be.

Square. If the hair is thick, it is good to use cascading haircuts. But with thin hairs, such hairstyles will not work, since on the ground of the difference in length, nodules will constantly be formed, with which it is very difficult to cope.The best option for a square face is a short wavy bob which is also very easy to care for.

Short curls – always comfortable. First, they are much easier to follow. Secondly, there is an economy of cosmetics. But, nevertheless, curly strands – a separate conversation. Those who have curly hair, complain that they stick in different directions. Therefore, for unruly hairs should choose those haircuts that will help as
carefully as possible to lay the hair, even in wet weather, so that the strands do not cause inconvenience.

Remaining hair is different from straight in its structure. If you look at the cut under the microscope, you can see that the straight lines have a circular cut, and curly ones are oval. The more the oval is stretched, the cooler curls. In the Negroid race, the keratin core has an almost flat cut.The cuticles or scales covering the inner protein portion the root stem  the cortex are loosely attached to each other in frizzy hair, looking disheveled.

Curly curls are more porous, retain odors longer, are more susceptible to the negative influence of the external environment.If you think about what to do to grow your hair faster, then choose a recipe for masks with irritating ingredients or begin to select industrial cosmetics with stimulating actions.But is it possible to apply the same method with wavy hair, does it not permanently injure them? How to quickly grow curly long hair to avoid damage to the structure.


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