How to Dye Your Hair (Tips & Tricks)

With all the colorful variety, there are only two types of coloring classic and color. In the first case, only one color is used, usually darker shades on light curls and lighter ones on dark ones. But if the hair has medium shades for example, dark blond or light brown, then the tips can be painted in both lighter and darker shades.

Color staining is much more diverse, as it involves the use of colors of several tones. In this embodiment, you can create amazing highlights, and the effect of faded strands in different colors, and avant-garde models with multi-colored strands the choice is almost unlimited popular technology.

Professionals recommend conducting preliminary training for at least two weeks. Remember that any paint does not have the best effect on the condition of the strands. And you, most likely, have to make the clarification, which dries the already dry tips.

Any mask that provides extra power will help avoid problems with curls in the future. You can make a beautiful haircut with thinning, but do not abuse the long thinning; otherwise the dyeing procedure will be quite complicated.

Lightening is only a preliminary stage, after which the hair ends must be either dyed or tinted. If you do not want to dye your hair, then the yellowness and copper shades that appear after clarification can be removed with a shampoo.

The finished result creates the effect of burnt hair. Having decided to dye your hair in this technique, you must combine at least two colors. Lovers of bright colors are ideal shades such as pink, purple, fuchsia or crimson. However, you can always choose other options, depending on your imagination and taste preferences.

To make the shades as bright as possible, it is advisable to lighten the tips before applying the basic paint. Ombre is a win-win for long hair. First of all, apply a darker paint on all the roots. After waiting for about 10 minutes and apply the same paint to the middle of the curls, without touching the ends.

Now apply a lighter tone to the rest of the hair and wrap it with foil. Wait the time specified by the manufacturer of the dye for full dyeing and wash it off using shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. You can enjoy the result.

This technique will allow shining hair, the color of the tips will differ significantly from the main hair color. This method allows you to create a unique style and emphasize your individuality. In order for the finished result to amaze with its magnificence, the split ends must be cut a little beforehand, otherwise they will stand out too much after dyeing.

This procedure seems to be too complicated for you, you can apply paint on the hair directly with your fingers, without forgetting to use rubber gloves. Dip your hands in a bowl with paint and tingling” movements distribute the dye on the strands.

Make sure all strands are well dyed. Suppose you have haircut with fairly clear contours and there is a desire to emphasize only its lower part. Then, first, separate the upper part of the head of hair that will not participate in the dyeing, and fasten them well.


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