How to Dye Brown Hair (Step-by-Step)

Learn the tips to achieve get your hair dyed an irresistible brown, this color gives a vitality and elegance to who it looks, is one of the most used for being so flattering and the best thing is that it is very good in any skin tone.

The most indicated at the time of the choice of tinting your hair, is to correctly follow a series of processes so you have the best possible results, then find out how to do it.

Step one:

If your transition to chestnut is going to be spectacular, choose a color that gives you that shimmering shine for a more natural and lasting result that suits you. To start, add in a non-metallic container the brown dye tube you want, be it light or dark of the brand of your preference, with a water volume of 30 to obtain maximum result.

Step two:

It is recommended that you wear latex gloves, this in order not to stain your hands, since it is very uncomfortable to get rid of those stains, so put on a clothes that you do not like so much to start with the application. Mix the aforementioned ingredients, until you get a homogeneous texture and then apply it to your hair in parts until you have completely dyed it, leaving it to work for approximately 45 minutes.

Step three:

Then remove it with plenty of water and shampoo for dark hair preferably. Once these steps are completed, with your hair already rinsed you should choose the cut and the style that you like, so that when you have it dry you can wear the hairstyle that stands out with this tone spectacular that will undoubtedly be the center of all eyes.

The sun’s rays are usually a little determinant and can dry your hair, so try not to expose it so much. Always remember to use conditioners and shampoo for dyed and unsalted hair since its sulfate-free formula does not generate foams and protects the shine of your coloration, so that it does not lose the vitality of the color you have obtained.

What dyes do you mix to get a brown hair color.Brown hair is the most common naturally, but it is also widely used to dye hair. To achieve this beautiful tone you will need.Brown dye peroxide of 10 volumes.

The brown tones are dark colors so we do not want to discolor but only deposit the color. For this reason it is only necessary to use 10 volume peroxide. This serves to reveal the dye rather than to oxidize and diminish tones.Brown dye the range of chestnuts that can be selected is quite large, ranging from natural tones to those with reflections.



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