How to Drastically Change Your Appearance [Complete Guide]

Every morning we get up and look in the mirror as we prepare for a new day. Are you satisfied with the image that is reflected in the mirror?

Often, when one is not satisfied with one’s appearance, one earns less than one’s handsome and attractive colleagues. And as if that were not enough, depression and anxiety often find their foundation in a bad image of oneself and one’s body. It is not fair to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of work, we are partly judged on our appearance

Hairstyles - to - change - your - look

If you want to maximize your potential income for the duration of your life, here are 5 habits you should adopt now! Practice a physical activity every day for at least 30 minutes. Playing sports before going to work is a great way to boost your mood and energy for the day. Burning more calories means you can reduce your fat levels and be slimmer.

Doing a little fitness every day is common sense when you see all the benefits it has: it increases your life expectancy, your quality of life and your personal productivity. What reasons to put you there!

 Protecting it with sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure is an excellent first step. The oils in your hair products, the chemicals found in makeup products, and all the foreign substances that are transferred from your hands when you touch your face are a ruthless attack.

So remember to clean and moisturize your skin daily to take care of it. Hydrated skin, with a fresh, luminous complexion, contributes to a young and radiant face that makes an excellent first impression.

Monitor and correct the pockets that develop under the eyes. When looking in the mirror, pay special attention to the pockets that are developing under your eyes. The focal point of your face, especially in a professional context, is your eyes. As you present your new project and meet your customers, your eyes will be in the line of sight of your interlocutors.

If you have big pockets below each of them, not only will you look older, but also potentially unhealthy (you may even be taken for a party girl who has not slept in the weekend, it’s always bad kind of an important pro appointment).

Two things can give bags under the eyes: the age (you cannot do much) and the way of life (that, on the other hand, you can act!).

Fortunately, there are more effective treatments to minimize this problem and help you look younger with a fresh look. On the other hand, if you do not worry about it, after a few years you will be too tired to be efficient and productive in the office. Regularly renew your wardrobe. You would be surprised how many men and women forget to refresh their wardrobe regularly. This is quite understandable: shopping is not always a pleasant activity and sometimes you may feel that fashion trends are changing all the time.

However, those who find the time to follow a little trends and have a wardrobe well adjusted to their morphology (where, for many of us, this silhouette changes from month to month) will really have an ahead of the others.

Jewelry is also not a bad idea: choose one that really makes you feel beautiful for each of your outfits. This is the centerpiece of your outfit: use it to boost your self-confidence. Wear a cut adapted to our face.

Hairstyles to change your look. Hair can be as good as really putting the appearance at a disadvantage. The most important thing is to find a look that puts your face in value. If you have a wide face, opt for a cut with volume.

If your face is lying down, try straight hair. Do not think of the economy when looking for a new haircut, and trust the advice of a professional.

Fans of hairdressing are very good at creating braided hairstyles, twisted buns and unique hairstyles that we could never have imagined ourselves.

We can thus benefit from this talent that makes their success. And that’s when you realize how the right tools, the right things or the right products can make the difference. From the bunted effect bun that will give volume to fine hair to twisted hairstyles and plated with dozens of small flat pliers.

Some of them are a little difficult to achieve and sometimes require the help of a friend but there are also buns or looks all in volume that is very easy to do alone.


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