How do you take care of hairstyles in 2019?

No, this is not 2018 this is a new trend of 2019.After all, the invisible in this case just have to be visible. Twist your hair, make cold waves and decorate it all with invisible hair. This hairstyle is done quickly, and looks stylish and careless. Getting used to bangs on two sides is not easy, but what can’t you do for the sake of a steep change of image?

The plus of such a bang is that it combines with almost any styling or haircut and does not require a lot of care. Short haircuts go far from everyone, so it is important to measure seven times and trim once. But if you look at it from the other side, hair is a renewable resource that gives us tremendous opportunities to experiment with your image.

The cascade will never go out of fashion. This is evidenced by the fact that this hairstyle for many years remains in the trend. They make a cascade for both long and short hair, but it looks best at medium length. This hairstyle will give your image lightness and tenderness those who have long hair suggest not hiding their curls, and lying them with curling.

Creating light curls is an easy process. Let’s start with it. It is best to create a curl to use the iron. Wash your hair and blow dry your hair thoroughly. Stir hair roots. Place the iron on the strands, stepping back from the roots a couple of centimeters. Run the iron on the curl, turning 180 degrees repeat with each cu fix hairdo lacquer.

The absolute favorite of the winter season – the effect of wet hair did not bypass the side and short hair. You can make this styling on absolutely any hairstyle both on a square and on a bob or pixie. To achieve the effect of wet hair, you need to apply a mousse or styling gel and some hair oil to make it shine. And let everyone think you spent a day at the beach.

Beautiful, simple and super-fast images for those who always have not enough time for styling and who do not like to mess with their hairstyle casual, festive. Tools: transparent hair tie, stealth. The strands remaining on the sides are twisted with braids and secure with stealth: the left – on the right side, the right – on the left. With hairstyle, you can go to work and study, and if you insert flowers or decorative pins between the harnesses, then you can go to a social event.

Simple super easy everyday hairstyles you can greatly reduce the time of morning gatherings. To quickly pack your hair, you will need a pair of thin rubber bands and some invisible hairpins and hairpins. The base is high or low tail. A low tail is collected on the back of the head; a high tail is on the crown. To make a haircut in 5 minutes, and you need to remember a few things.

Any styling looks better on clean hair. When drying, use thermoprotectants and set cold air in the hairdryer. If the wet strands are dried at the maximum temperature, water drops will boil rather than dry. Gel and mousse for styling will make hair obedient and simplify the process of work.

Use them carefully. To carefully lay the hair in a bun or knot, take the studs. The tighter the hair is intertwined, the longer the hairstyle will last. A bundle of braids or a bundle of harnesses will look neat and beautiful in a few hours. Such options are suitable if you leave the house for the whole day. Tail with a harness especially good this hairstyle looks on long straight hair. Tie high or low tail. Divide it into two parts. Roll out one piece harness. Wrap it around the gum. Secure the tip of the harness stealth.

Sometimes it happens that we leave the hair salon unhappy with the end result. Why is it so? Here are some explanations – mistakes you make in choosing a haircut, advises woman.

  1. Do not lie the hairdresser

The hairdresser needs to know about every procedure you put on your hair. Surely tell him if you danced with cheap paint at home. Do not forget to warn even for the smallest chemical manipulations.It is up to the mixer to prepare the stylist for your painting.Do not come to the gym without a photo of the desired hairstyle. No matter how gifted the speaker is, the hairdresser will find it easier to see what hair style and color you want to see on the picture.

  1. Do not be silent

Tell the hairdresser how much time you dedicate to your hair every day, what lipstick do you prefer and what colors are prevalent in your wardrobe. The more your stylist knows about your tastes, the easier it will be to create the perfect hairstyle for you.

  1. Do not shame

While sitting in a hairdresser’s chair, of course you can browse a magazine or browse the internet. Nobody expects you to sit as a statue for several hours. But if you suddenly decide to stretch for your coffee cup, be sure to warn the hairdresser. Otherwise, you risk going with something very different from the hairstyle you came to.

  1. Do not trim after painting

Did you decide on the same day to cut yourself and make yourself a homer? Then go first to the haircut and then to the dyeing. It is unnecessary to paint the tops that you will then cut.





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