How Can I Protect My Hair

We start not with shampoo or even with hair dye, but with styling tools. One of the main enemies of healthy hair is a hairdryer therefore, products intended for thermal protection need to be applied before drying the curls. If you apply such tools after, but before lying with various tongs and curling irons, they practically will not help your hair.

Among the variety of modern hair products is often difficult to choose something suitable for yourself. Should be based on the type of scalp and the current state of the hair. If the scalp is prone to irritation, flaking, excessive fat, dandruff, you should pay attention to the pharmaceutical segment of cosmetics.

Such funds are aimed at solving a specific problem of the scalp and hair, leading them not just to well-groomed, but also to a healthy state. If there are no such problems, we look at the type of hair and the desired effect.

Thin smooth hair is usually easy to wash and comb, but poorly hold the styling and do not look voluminous enough. For them, it is better not to use nutrients, smoothing and moisturizing agents.

Porous coarse hair, on the contrary, draws into itself all the nutrients that they will be given. Such hair is usually naughty. For them are suitable tools with silicones and nourishing masks, balms. Not superfluous will be sprays for unruly hair, which are applied to the entire length except the roots.

Hair of the mixed type, oily at the roots, but drying up at the tips, immediately requires high-quality cleaning and moisturizing. For washing you can safely use shampoo for greasy hair. The tips are better to timely cut and pamper moisturizing indelible means – serums and oils.

Dyed hair also requires special care, compensating for the damage from dyeing and maintaining the brightness of the color. Any nutrients, especially shampoos and oils, wash off the color, so pay attention to the care marked “color protection”.

Those who have bleached hair will have the hardest time: here it is necessary to preserve the whiteness of the hair, and restore damage, and fight against porosity and fluffiness. If the hair needs nutrition, use moisturizing and regenerating agents.

Any hair requires attention, as they are constantly influenced by negative external and internal factors. Particularly damaged their ends, so women who wear short hair are in a more advantageous position, because during the next haircut affected ends are cut almost completely. Therefore, to make the strands look attractive, they require special care, including the neutralization of the negative effects on hair.

These include exposure to sunlight, wind, temperature drops, and sea water. Therefore, it is important to choose a hat that matches the season and weather conditions and pay attention to hygiene at rest, for example, to rinse hair after bathing in the sea with fresh purified water.

Avoid damage to the curls, they cannot be rubbed, twisted and squeezed. Also, you cannot pour shampoo directly on the hair, as many women like to do. Detergent should be diluted in warm water a tablespoon in a glass of water, whipped until foaming and apply on head for a few minutes. Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly with warm water.


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