How Can I Get My Hair in Good Condition (Natural Recipes)

To properly care for colored hair we have to take into account that we have subjected it to damage, to a chemical and structural change. After being dyed, its cuticle changes, it becomes more porous and fragile, in this way it easily loses its hydration, softness, flexibility and natural shine, even more if it was subjected to discoloration.

Use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for dyed hair. The pH they have is acid, in this way the retention of natural moisture in the hair fiber is promoted. Hydrate it: good quality creams are essential to provide daily nutrition and moisturization.

Protect it: sun pool, chlorine, wind, iron or dryer! It’s too much for your hair to stay healthy and shiny. Try to protect it from these aggressive agents as appropriate for each case. Remember that your dyed hair is more vulnerable.

Oil baths: Once a week you can nourish and hydrate deeply with olive oil, rosehip, argan oil or almonds. Your tips will be comforted! How? Embed hair length (from the ears down) with oil. Put on a hat or a nylon bag to keep the temperature on the scalp and let it act for 30 min.

Mayonnaise mask: if you have dry hair this mask will be of great help. It is applied as if it were a cream along the entire hair, avoiding the roots. Leave on for half an hour and then remove with washing.

Moisturizing bath with egg: use two egg yolks and spread along the length of the hair. Wrap it in a hair cap and after 30 minutes remove it by washing normally.

Calendula: Products with calendula have the specific purpose of repair and are useful for both skin and hair. You can use calendula cream to make a capillary bath.