How Can I Change My Look Without Makeup?

Makeup is a fascinating transformation ritual, a gesture of love for oneself and respect for those who look at me. This is an understanding of their shortcomings and the ability to translate them into dignity. It seems to me that a well-groomed woman with a competent make-up looks more holistic, deeper, more intellectually and progressively. Not to mention that stylish. Because this is work, this is work on you. And it deserves respect.

Now there are a lot of courses, specialists who can help to dress, make up and train to do it competently. Nowadays, cosmetics are of fairly good quality and decorative cosmetics also have skin care properties.

It is enough for any wallet. In addition, cosmetic products serve as an excellent barrier to aggressive environment and protect the skin from its negative effects.

If you are afraid that your cosmetic bag will swell on quantity, stores offer us a large selection of universal remedies. Also, experts in the field of make-up can tell some chips that will help to really facilitate the makeup.

Probably the reason lies in a certain psychological factor: after all, the red color is always associated with a warm sun, a beautiful evening sunset. Red hair color can give a wonderful mood.

When choosing a toilet, evening or day, you should avoid colorful dresses, clothes made of fabric, studded with colored drawings. With bright colors, you should also be very careful especially if you have a bright shade of red, preferring one bright accessory, if you wanted to wear color.

It will be enhanced to seem tedious outfits. In the afternoon it can be light pink or tea rose color, various pastel shades. The turquoise color is especially beautiful it also additionally emphasizes a similar eye color.

In the evening – black, dark blue these colors are not forbidden in the daytime version. If you want red, then you can tie a chiffon scarf around your neck, or if you wear a red dress or blouse, make sure that the neckline is V-shaped or neckline.

This is necessary in order not to distract attention from the face and not to create a conflict between the bright hair color and the bright color of clothes. If you put on a red blouse, then it is better to wear something dark on top, for example a black jacket.

Face. Like any bright hair color, red hair requires flawless skin color. Moreover, the red or copper color is usually suitable for ladies with fair skin. Therefore, to look good enough with this hair color, even owners of excellent skin and complexion, you need to use tonal tools daily.

Type of foundation cream, powder, cream powder, stick, spray, is selected depending on your skin type. I can only give a recommendation about the color.

In my opinion, ivory color is perfect Ivory. But different manufacturers have it different. Therefore, choose carefully. Remember the rule: the color of the tonal tool should not differ from the skin color in the neck.

As for the eyes, it all depends on the individual characteristics section of the eyes, their size, and fit, color of each woman or girl. But I want to point out one thing: the strongly painted eyes look especially beautiful with bright red hair shades voluminous mascara it is better not to experiment with its color), black arrows, lower eyelid with a pencil or eyes that are simply outlined with black pencil smoky eyes.

As for the shadows, the owners of brown eyes are recommended light shades of pastel shades with no flickering effect, green shades, black or brown-gold colors.

The main thing is not to overdo it, but to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. Women and girls are free enough in their choice of lip makeup. However, the color of lipstick or gloss should be natural, dim. With red hair, it looks very beautiful on the lips with a light pink glitter, pink glitter and glitter of beige shades. Caramel does not look very attractive.



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