Happy New Year Wishes Greetings for Friends and Family [2019]

December has come and many are roaming the Internet in search of greetings in English, waiting for the season of  New Year’s .Someone needs to congratulate a foreign colleague, customer or friend by correspondence, and someone needs a poetic SMS message to attract the attention of a girl.

May the New Year be generous,
Let the happiness do not stint!
All stars ignites in time,
Letting your dreams come true!

Happy New Year congratulations
And we want Santa Claus
All sorrows and adversities
In the realm of snow took.
You left only happiness
Only joy, only laughter,
Good, health and good luck –
All the good that is!

I wish you loved and appreciated!
So that in the forest you dug a treasure,
To drink – and not get sick,
To eat – and not get fat
To money – river,
To eat caviar,
To career – strictly up,
And in all matters – success!

If they grab you before the New Year (shock!), Twist, tie, gag, put you in a bag – do not swear and do not be angry, do not shout and do not be miserable – just someone Santa Claus ordered you as a gift!

New Year is a time of desires
And about the future of dreams!
Let it come true
All wishes without fail!
You love, health, laughter
And in all matters of success!

2019 is knocking on the door
Congratulations! All good!
We always believe in the best
Raising a glass is time!
That he drove all the bad weather,
Protected from quarrels and evil
That there was happiness in life,
And things went to success!

Let the snowflakes shower you
Let your eyelashes turn white!
Happy New Year to you –
The Year of Happiness, Goodness and Love!

Happy New Year!
Let the fun round dance
Fly Pig Year
Carrying happiness and income!
We wish you prosperity,
To eat, drink, sweet,
To live, do not torment,
And go happy!


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