Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

As stylists say, hairstyle makes up 50% of the success of the entire image.Hair is what frames your face, and hair color primarily affects how light is reflected from your skin and how young it looks.Today we will reveal the easy way to look younger – namely, how to successfully choose the hair and hair color to look fresher and
more attractive.The choice of hairstyle should be based on the condition of your hair, the shape of your face and the way you live.

Pretty women.Discard this outdatedĀ  standard age hairstyle a short haircut with a clipped nape plus a chemistry plus, as a rule, red hair. No no and one more time no.These haircuts look completely unfeminine, the red color and open ears go far from everyone, and they are able to give extra women volume to the whole figure, and to the facial shape, in particular.

Very long hair below the shoulders also does not contribute to youthful appearance – firstly, over the years, all the hair loses its volume and thickness and does not look so beautiful as in young years, and secondly, rarely anyone wears such hair loose and folded – most often it is kits or hairs stabbed with a crab which certainly does not add charm to the image.Perhaps the ideal hairstyle for a feminine youthful image is the semi-long hair covering the ears, and the length can vary from earlobes to clavicles.

The hairstyle should be selected according to the oval of your face in order to hide possible flaws and emphasize the advantages. Consult a hairdresser – a good master will strive to give your face an oval shape, matching your face and hair.Gray hair must be dyed – they are ways to make even a young woman old. Perhaps, only very short-cropped gray hair looks spectacular, for example, in a pixie haircut, along with an ultra-fashionable rim of glasses and a very modern way in general.

Remember: blond hair color always rejuvenates. Therefore, if you have a light color of eyes and skin, prefer light shades for hair coloring. For a cool, pinkish skin tone, choose ashy shades, and for warm beige – warm honey and gold. If you have brown eyes, do not dye your hair in a very dark color – better stop on the color one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

If you have thin hair, then staining strands can add volume to your hair. Strands in this case should resemble bright highlights in your hairstyle.If you have liquid hair, prefer light shades of hair, as well as shorter haircuts.And, of course, the hairstyle should always be neat hair clean and hair roots tinted. There is nothing worse than greasy hair with regrown gray roots.

From the length and thickness of the neck depends on the length of the hair, which you can afford. Do not cover your hair with a short or thick neck – this will make it seem even shorter or thicker.Be sure to appreciate how your hair looks in profile – it should make the shape of the head harmonious.

Remember that the place where your hair ends ends attracts the most attention. If you have a beautiful neck, wear your hair a little lower than your chin. If you have a beautiful neckline and hair condition allows – wear hair up to the clavicle.

Bangs are another way to hide the deep wrinkles on your forehead, if your facial contours allow it to be worn.For thin hair, you can try a gentle chemical perm, which creates volume and gives mobility to hair – now hairdressing has advanced far in this issue. Or, if possible, wind the hair on curlers medium or large size.

If you have an imperfect oval face, but good hair, you can opt for a haircut square a little short below the chin and wear it without tucking the hair behind the ears thus you hide the shortcomings of the oval of your face and emphasize the dignity of the hair.


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