Hairstyles for a short cascade

Cascade: what is it?

The haircut cascade received this name due to the similarity with this water cascade, that is, a waterfall.

Like a river, cascading from a mountain, hair cut in a cascade falls freely on the shoulders. The length of the hair is not the same: on the top they are shorter, and longer on the sides and on the back of the head. Due to this variety of lengths, a similarity with a waterfall is achieved.

This haircut is best suited to straight hair, because they have a better visible structure of the cascade. Color for haircuts any suit: from dark chocolate to light blonde. Highlighting or ombre will make the image interesting and unusual.

If you have a round or square face, you can use a combination of oblique parting and long bangs, aimed at the side where there is more hair. With an oval or heart-shaped face, you can raise the bang, fully opening his forehead. For an elongated face, a straight, straight fringe, reaching to the eyebrows, is suitable. So the face will become visually less long, oval.

Haircut requires advance preparation, as it is done on wet and clean hair. Consequently, you need to wash your hair before cutting and then lightly blot with a towel.

The starting area of the process is the lower layer of the occipital section. To open these strands, the upper hair from the back of the head is divided into equal halves and moved back in different directions.

The length of the top layer of hair on the back of the head is shorter than the bottom layer. This creates volume in this section.Shave the front strands, which at the moment are right before your eyes. To make the haircut more interesting, it is cut obliquely and not in a straight line.

The strands on the crown are first lifted vertically, and then the part of the strands is sheared with the same scissors. After this treatment, the strands become thinner.

At the end of the haircut comes time styling. You need to ruffle your hair thoroughly by running your fingers along the strands at the top of your head.

Hair is distributed in the right direction from the parting with a wide brush and a hair dryer.Comb the occipital region, lifting the hair to create volume.The bangs are brushed by brushing under the hair, lifting them up.

The tips of the side strands on the side where the hair is larger are combed upward, away from the face.To enhance the asymmetry effect, the side strands on the side of the parting where the hair is smaller are tucked behind the ear.



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