Hairstyle Ideas for New Year 2019

It’s time to think about a beautiful, fashionable, stylish hairstyle for the New Year. Stylists offer interesting options for both long and medium to short hair. Interestingly, many hairstyles can be easily done.

The hairstyle for the New Year 2019, first of all, should be fashionable and in the spirit of latest trends. In this case, there is no doubt – the New Year’s bird will favor you all year and accompany your success. Therefore alignment on the cook! Firstly, the hairstyle kok is very similar to the cockscomb. Secondly, it is stylish and relevant. Thirdly, the cook can be done on both short and medium or long hair.

And short hair for coca is just fertile ground for experiments. Immediately, several interesting pink-style styling can be easily done at home, in front of a mirror. The main thing stock up on a minimum of styling products.

What hairstyle to do for the New Year? Of course, one with which there will not be a lot of trouble. And which will save valuable time, which, as we know, always on the New Year’s is sorely lacking best express hairstyles for hair of different lengths, which do not cost anything to do with your own hands. Careless high bun for long hair.

Hair can be decorated with beautiful hairpins or unusual hairpins with stones or flowers. Negligent, but at the same time very spectacular hairstyle for short hair  for those who appreciate beauty, but want to save time and money on going to an expensive salon.

The hairstyles for the coming New Year on medium hair – strands collected in intricate weaving will be very popular of course, to make a complex, original hairstyle will have to ask for help from a master hairdresser. A simpler pattern of weaving is easy to repeat with your own hands at home.

Let’s try to do your own hairstyle in the form of an original careless bundle on the back of the head with a braided weave to do this, divide the strands into three sections.

From the hair of the upper and back of the head we tie a low tail at the end of the tail we will make with the help of an elastic band one more tail we wrap it with the bundle method in a roller bundle.

Fix the beam on the back of the head with the help of studs. Symmetrical strands selected at the temples are woven into loose straps and fastened to the back of the head, above the beam. Slightly stretch the individual strands of the side harnesses and the beam to give the hairstyle a spectacular carelessness.



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