Festive hairstyles

Probably the simplest solution to a festive hairstyle will be the option with a short haircut. To attend a celebration, short hair should only be laid and, possibly, decorated with a decorative element a bow, a bezel, a hairpin.

But with festive hairstyles for long and medium hair, everything is much more difficult, on the one hand. But, on the other hand, such hairstyles can be many options, and here opens a wealth of choices.

Let’s start with hairstyles for medium hair. According to statistics, the majority of girls prefer hair of that length.

Festive hairstyle may be just flowing hair. Both smooth and curly. When performing a perm, it is worth remembering that naturalness is in fashion. And one more fashionable trend of the last years is a retro wave, something in the spirit of hairstyles of the 1920s and 30s. These hairstyles will look good with outfits in a classic style, as well as in retro style.

Loose hair in hairstyles for a celebration should be decorated with interesting hairpins, bows, headbands, artificial flowers, beaded ribbons.

Another good hairstyle option for a holiday for hair of medium length can be hairstyles with braids. It is clear that the long braid in this case is not braided. But here options with an interesting braid in combination with flowing hair can be different.

For example, medium hair can be braided into a voluminous braid when braiding such a braid does not need to be tightened, running from one edge of the forehead to the back of the head, a braid on the back of the braid can be fastened with a hairpin, and the rest of the hair should not be braided, something like a peculiar tail. This hairstyle will look good with outfits in a romantic style.

Another option is to braid two braids from the right and left temple, and connect them to the back of the head in the tail or a volume bundle. Also a good option for a romantic style or for dresses in the folk style.



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