Favorable days for haircuts in July 2019

Haircuts for July 2019 will help you choose favorable days to change the image. Listening to the recommendations of the astrologers, you can improve the condition of the hair and attract good luck.

In ancient times it was believed that hair has amazing power. With the help of a properly selected hairstyle made on favorable days, you can now bring good luck to life.

Growing Moon in Cancer. This is the perfect time to change hairstyles. After the haircut, the curls will grow faster, which will allow you to grow hair of the desired length in a short time. In addition, the manipulation of the hair on this day will update the energy and bring good luck to life.

Moon in Leo. On these days, the night light is in a weak position, but the haircut in the morning will be successful. Thanks to the new hairstyle, it will be possible to draw attention to one’s person and also to achieve success in a business environment.

Moon in Libra. These days, a new hairstyle will increase intuition, which will help to avoid trouble and find a way out of a difficult situation. Curls grow back quickly, so you can make short haircuts.

Night light decreases, slowing down hair growth. The new haircut, made on one of these days, will keep its shape and volume for a long time, and to make the curls shine, you should take care of them with the help of home masks.

Moon in Aries. The Fire Sign these days will help to keep a cheerful mood and achieve your goals. A short haircut will be appropriate for those who need to achieve certain heights in a business environment, including passing exams or speaking at a meeting.

Moon in Gemini. A haircut on this day will help strengthen the charm and thereby bring positive changes to life. Those who decided to get rid of loneliness and find a soul mate, astrologers recommend to have a haircut and dye in light shades.


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