Best Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes can be difficult to supplement when it comes to applying makeup. It can be harder for brown-eyed women to choose the right makeup because it is challenging to combine the right colors with the brown. To help, here are the Best Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes.

Take your eyes to pop

How? You can really make these brown eyes stand out by using a bright, electric shade or eyeliner around them. The brighter the color, the more your dark eyes stand out. Brown, surprisingly, goes with many of the colors she has. Most women say they choose bright purple or plum to accent on their brown eyes. Brown and purple are perfect together.

Brown with brown

Confusion correctly? Unlike the blue shadow with blue eyes, it’s really great to combine different shades of brown with your brown eyes. If you have darker brown eyes, avoid a dark brown shadow and go more for golden bronze shadow. The brighter and darker eyes are complemented not only by a variety of golden and burnished brown colors, but also with neutral colors and even sparkling shades of champagne.

Get a metallic

Nothing goes better with brown eyes than metallic colors. Because brown is really lost on the color wheel, it does not have certain rules about what other colors actually go. It makes it pretty easy to dress your eyes. But really make them stand out, try to go for more pigmented and more metallic shadows. The most metallic, the better and the more your eyes will appear.


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