5 Minute Simple Hairstyles (Step by Step Ideas)

Easy hairstyles for every day well-groomed woman can be seen immediately, by laying. Create a favorable impression on others will help simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands. Special skills and knowledge is not required. It is enough to take the gum, studs, comb and you can begin to create the desired image.

The leading position among the fast hairstyles takes a classic bunch.

  •     Make a high tail.
  •     Put on a bagel.
  •     Tuck in his hair.
  •     From the remaining tips braid pigtails.
  •     Wrap them with the base of the pulley.
  •     Spray the spray and styling for the walk is ready.

It is enough to put the hair in a low tail and scroll it several times around the fingers. Perhaps a neat little bit would best complement your best look. Hairstyles with high tail carefully collect long hair using simple styling.

  •       Make a side parting.
  •      Braid pigtails on both sides.
  •      Add a grip on top and bottom of each binding.
  •      Connect both braids into one rubber band.

The option is perfect for going to work or university and the question: How to make a simple hairstyle quickly will disappear by itself. In some cases, the harnesses can give a good amount even to a regular tail. To create a styling, collect half of all the hair in the lower tail on the side. Divide the other half into 3 parts and twist the loose braids. Wrap the tail with it and decorate it with a rubber band with decoration.

Some styling options remain at the peak of popularity for many years. Fashionable hairstyles for every day are not the first year in the trend: harnesses, voluminous top with a pile and braids. Before creating these hairstyles, stylists advise you to apply thermal protection to your hair and straighten your hair with a flat iron. To give the volume a great help will be curling iron with a corrugation.

The easiest hairstyles can be done in just a couple of steps. For example, to create a braid plait, you need to do the following.

  •     Apply a ball of mousse to dried hair,
  •     Spread over the entire length.
  •     Make a high tail.
  •     Divide it into 2 parts,
  •     Tight twist each.
  •     Interlace them reeling one
  •     Secure the tip of the spit with a rubber band.

Various variations of braids for every day with their own hands in the technique of “Waterfall” look so tender and romantic that for this it is worth mastering the very scheme of weaving. In general, there is nothing complicated. The first binding is made as a regular braid.

The next weave, you must release the bottom strand and instead add a side pickup. You can weave 2 braids, combining them in the center or bring them to the opposite temple, hiding the ends under the hairpin with a flower.



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